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Thursday, June 10 and Thursday, June 24, 7-9pm, this Zoom event requires advance registration via Meetup

Life After Belief Groups meet for support, encouragement, and growth in the process of living life without supernatural belief. Our core concerns are Community, Charting a New Course, Compassion, and Coming Out. [Read more about these Core Passions below.]

Many in this Secular Community Group are still in various stages of recovery from religion and are processing the feelings, thoughts and struggles of leaving a religious community behind. We include people ranging from those who are attending their first “secular/atheist” group ever and have fears and concerns of being “found out” to those who have been on this journey for a longer time.

• We are a Diverse and Inclusive Secular Community.

• Atheist, Humanist, Non-Religious, Agnostic, Free-Thinker, Anti-Theist, Spiritual But Not Religious, Naturist, Curious But Still with Some Faith, etc.

• From younger families to singles, from baby boomers to teenagers and kids, we are diverse and welcoming having those who identify as LGBTQ, Straight, Polyamorous, etc.

• Whatever identifier you choose, whatever stage you are in . . . you are welcome here!

Contact us by e-mail [<> or <>] or by cell phone [330-466-3969] [Charles].

Hosted by Recovering from Religion [Columbus, Ohio].

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