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As the Trump Administration puts efforts into weakening the Clean Power Plan, renewable energy is still increasing in Ohio. According to a new report by Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center, Ohio went from producing 1 Gigawatt hour of solar energy and 15 GWh of wind energy in 2008, to now producing 260 GWh of solar energy and 1,563 GWh of wind energy.

“The last decade has seen explosive growth in the key technologies to power Ohio with clean, renewable energy,” said Nancy Goodes, Campaign Organizer for Environment Ohio “Ohio is poised to accelerate its shift away from fossil fuels. With renewable energy prices falling and new energy-saving technologies coming on line every day, Ohio should work towards the long-term goal of obtaining 100 percent of our energy from clean, renewable sources.”

For the report, Renewables on the Rise: A Decade of Progress Towards a Clean Energy Future, Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center, and Frontier Group reviewed statistics from 2008 to 2018 in solar energy capacity, wind energy capacity, energy efficiency, electric vehicle sales, and battery storage. The report’s authors called on the state and federal government to strengthen, not weaken, clean power standards and continue to allow Ohio to grow its renewable energy industry.

“At the federal, state and local level, elected officials representing Ohio must enact policies to strengthen the renewable energy industry here.” said Goodes “We must accelerate our progress, not hit the brakes on effective programs like the Clean Power Plan.”

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