Ranchero Kitchen

I ate a wonderful meal yesterday [8-12-2022] at Ranchero Kitchen, a Salvadorian restaurant at 984 Morse Rd. [just east of I-71]. That restaurant had been recommended to me several years ago by a friend; however, I am so rarely in that part of town that it had taken me quite a while to be able to actually eat there. One of the many organizations with which I am active had scheduled a "social event" 2½ miles east of Ranchero Kitchen so I decided to take Uber to Ranchero Kitchen, to eat there, and then to walk from there -- for about forty minutes -- to my "social event."

Ranchero Kitchen evidently used to have a website but now does not have a website [in spite of the fact that Google Maps says that they have a website]. There is a Facebook page that reportedly includes "menu, prices, and restaurant reviews" but I had not been able to find any of those things on their Facebook page. Someone, thankfully, has taken photographs of the extensive menu that is available at Ranchero Kitchen and has posted those photographs to Google Maps. I always like to be able to study a menu in advance of a visit to a restaurant.

I ordered and ate a Salvadorian Breakfast [that is "available all day"]: two eggs [served any style] with fried beans, queso fresco, fried plantain, Salvadorian sour cream, salsa ranchera, and choice of bread or tortilla. I decided to add a "chorizo entero" [a whole chorizo sausage cut in half] to my meal for an additional charge. The tortillas had been particularly delicious [and had been quite "heavy" when compared with most tortillas that tend to be thinner and larger in diameter and not very interesting in taste]; the "chorizo entero" had been a particular treat. All of the chorizo that I had eaten until yesterday had been served as "ground meat" that had been one of the several ingredients of a taco or a burrito. If you are looking for some delicious Salvadorian food, I strongly recommend Ranchero Kitchen.