Woman holding sign saying Live Free or Die

Photos by Bob Studzinski

A group of people begging to “Live Free or Die” may just get their wish as they gathered in Columbus to demand Ohio be “opened” – most of them failing to maintain social distance from each other or wear protective masks. Men in camouflage sporting large weapons added to the surreality of the scene.

Somehow all the people who believe that freedom means being able to hurt other people and disregard the common good found each other. They are sure that preserving the safety and health of their community equals oppression. They bond in their desire to have the “right” to infect themselves and other people – even though some in their movement are reported to have contracted the virus, and one has died.

Rich people and their propaganda have succeeded in convincing the masses that corporate profits are more important than their lives, even though the majority of those rallying will not reap the benefits of “opening up the economy.” They will still make minimum wage, pay rent that is too high, lack health insurance, and remain saddled with debt. The Free Press does not enjoy reporting on this type of protest, but these rallies are happening in Ohio and all over the country – encouraged by the President, and unfortunately influencing Ohio’s governor, who is starting to open up businesses in Ohio starting this Friday, May 1st.