A light squared grid in the foreground and two oddly shaped geometric blocks behind it

Rob Collier, a composer/performer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is doing a tour and will be playing at It Looks Like its Open, 13 E. Tulane on Saturday, July 14, 7:30-10:30pm. He is touring with Ben Aguilar (from Louisville, Ky) and performing a new composition called Music in Transparent Layers. They will record every performance on the tour and play the recordings at each subsequent show as we add a new layer live. Thus, each performance is a unique stage in the development of the piece. The music is ambient/minimal/experimental.

MUSIC IN TRANSPARENT LAYERS is a new composition by ROB COLLIER. Multi-timbral motives, pseudo-ambient textures, process-driven harmony. Performed in duet with BEN AGUILAR.

NOISTERIA EMISSION - Experimental electronic from Dayton, OH

HABITEUR - Coaxing beauty from ugliness, Habiteur works with machinery, junk, repurposed electronics, tapes, and various objects.