Collage of Is Said books

Is Said said
he dedicated his books
to dreamers while chasin a dream
and God bless the farmers.
Is Said said
lets drop our guns
and kill no more
and stop making life a mess
I got every right
to be a man
to search my soul
to understand.
Is Said said
help me thank God
for the teachings
of his love
so we might learn
Is Said said
peace is the key
in the whole wide world
people is the answer
to all kinds of love cause
people love world peace.
Is Said said
there is love and peace of mind
to soothe the spirit of any kind
in our afrika
where peace is time.
Is Said said
my people’s skin
is black in color
but that don’t make them wrong
the ways of nature
have a blessing
and that’s what keeps
my people strong.
Is Said said
my life is in your life
my face is blocking your view
your time is running low
for change way over due
Is Said said

Dream while you can or may
regardless of what anyone say
the life you live is yours
but love can open all doors.
Is Said said
Chasin adream
Yearning & learning
Seeking & teaching
Chasin adream
Is Said said
Like tones of sound
I cometh with the wind
in the spirit of peace
“chasin adream”
Is Said said
in his many books
Chasin adream
No problem
Eyes of Peace
Is Said said
Magic power
Nobody’s perfect
Nobody’s safe
Is Said said
Eyes of Goree Island
The Table is Set.
and now it’s time for
us who love
to show Is Said
Symbols of Respect.
Is Said said
Is Said said it
Is Said SAID!