Let’s Close This Case 

Detective Richardson looked over the recent information that he received regarding Booker T’s case. This case had been difficult to solve, however the pieces of the puzzle were fitting into place. His interviews with both Shelia and Jimmy had been productive. He believed Shelia didn’t know about her daughters and their connection to Smooth until he told her today. That removed the only motive he felt Shelia had to murder Smooth. So, he checked her off of his suspect list. He was surprised that she didn’t know about Jimmy’s daughter, considering Annie was Sara’s best friend, but that was a minor detail.

Jimmy on the other hand, had been surprised. Jimmy started the interview cocky, smirking when questioned about Smooth and their last encounter. He stopped smirking when Richardson asked about his daughter, Annie. “When was the last time you saw your daughter?”

Jimmy jumped up from the chair, looking at Richardson in shock. “What does Annie have to do with this?”

Now Richardson was smirking. “Sit down Jimmy.” Jimmy’s eyes began darting back and forth and he shook his head in disbelief, not hearing Richardson. “Sit down Mr. Jimmy!” Jimmy focused his eyes on Richardson, who pointed to the chair. “Sit down Sir, please.”

As Jimmy sat down, Richardson stood. “What does my daughter have to do with any of this?” Jimmy asked again, still in disbelief.

“I think you have an idea of where I’m going with this Jimmy” Richardson said as he sat back down. Remember what you told me, that every secret isn’t a secret. You’re right, it seems it wasn’t a secret that Smooth used young girls to support his drug habit. And it wasn’t a secret that one of those girls was your daughter, Annie. You knew that secret, right, Jimmy?” Jimmy didn’t answer. “And it wasn’t a secret that it was Annie’s mother, Mary, that put a knife to Smooth’s throat for messing with her daughter. And you know what I mean by ‘messing with,’ right Jimmy? Smooth got intimate with Annie, too intimate, and you knew about it. And you did something about it. You killed Smooth for it.”

As Richardson was speaking, Jimmy’s facial expression went from disbelief to anger. “I didn’t kill Smooth. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jimmy stood to leave.

“Have a seat, I’m not done talking about it.” Richardson said, this time with an edge to his voice tone. “Where were you on the date of the murder?” Jimmy sat back down, glared at Richardson and didn’t answer. “I asked where you were when Smooth was killed, is that a secret too?”

“I already told you I was at work that day. As usual" Jimmy finally responded.

Richardson picked up a folder on his desk, opened it and pulled out a sheet of paper. “According to this report, you picked Smooth up on the day of his death and dropped him off at the Colony Club. Witnesses said Smooth came into the bar laughing about how you were so uptight about how he made his money and how he also ran into Mary that day and that she had threaten him again. This all happened a few hours before his death. So it wasn’t a usual day for you, right Jimmy, you were driving a cab that day.”

Jimmy took a deep breath. “Are you arresting me? Because if you’re not, I’m leaving. I have a job to do, and this is wasting my time.”

Jimmy stood up again to leave and Richardson didn’t stop him. “No, I’m not arresting you. Yet. You can go.”

Jimmy looked surprised at first and then relieved. “Thank you.” Richardson watched Jimmy leave his office, stood and walked over to his window and watched Shelia sitting in Jimmy’s cab. 

She was smoking a cigarette with the window down and threw it out the window when Jimmy got into the driver’s seat. Richardson watched them leave the parking lot, went to his desk, picked up the telephone and dialed a number. “Richardson here, I need warrants for Jimmy Brown. One to search his cab company, one to search his home and one to arrest him. When? As soon as possible.”

Richardson hung up the phone, pressed the intercom and told Sergeant Holland to get the squad car ready so they could go pick up the warrants and arrest Jimmy. They got the warrants, and the first stop was the cab company. Nothing incriminating was found there, and Jimmy hadn’t come to his office yet. Maybe he was still at home, with Shelia. 

Richardson and Holland headed towards Shelia’s house with the second warrant to search it and third warrant to arrest Jimmy. Richardson hoped it was going to be an easy search. They were looking for the gun. That would tie Jimmy to the case, and it would then be closed. Judge Washington found out about the warrants and had called to remind Richardson when he picked them up to keep her posted on the arrest. Another reason to close this case quickly.