Greene County Prosecutor’s Office Donates $6,000 to Local, Faith-Based Nonprofit
Check handed over

From the left, Fred Meadows, investigator for the Greene County Prosecutor's Office, stands with Elaine Bonner, Director of Philanthropy at Emerge and Greene County Prosecutor David Hayes, who presents a $6,000 check to Emerge CEO Rachel Huffman. Also in the photo is Nathan Crago, outreach coordinator at Emerge, stands behind Jeffrey Moore, men’s recovery housing manager, and Terry Moore, clinical manager, on the far right. 

XENIA — It’s not every day that Greene County Prosecutor David Hayes gets to take money seized by the police from local criminal enterprises and put it towards good causes in the community. 

When he does, however, he said he wants to make sure it ends up in the right hands. 

Prosecutor Hayes was on-site at Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative on Monday for a tour and a check presentation to the local faith-based nonprofit, which recently opened the first treatment center of its kind in the world. Emerge is located at the former Greene County Career Center, at 2960 W. Enon Road in Xenia Township. 

Of the approximately $60,000 in money seized by Greene County law enforcement in 2023, ten percent went to Emerge. Staff members were also on site to give the prosecutor a tour of the facility and the men's recovery housing area, which opened last summer and now houses dozens of men who are learning vocational skills to re-enter society in long-term recovery as productive members of the community. 

“I’ve heard only good things from anyone who has interacted with Emerge,” Prosecutor Hayes said. “When you decide where to devote funds, you want it to go somewhere worthwhile where some good can be done with it. Places like this that help people overcome challenges they face re-entering society – they offer a win-win for all.”  

Hayes said he has been with the prosecutor’s office for 20 years. He was elected prosecutor in 2020. 

The funds came out of the Greene County Prosecutor's Office State Law Enforcement Trust Fund, which is donated annually to an exemplary cause such as Emerge. Ten percent is the standard annual donation amount. 

“Lack of treatment leads people right back into the system,” Prosecutor Hayes said. “Substance use disorder and mental health issues are major issues. For people with these issues who come through here, this place can be life-changing. Being a prosecutor for 20 years, you see it all. Law enforcement is usually reactive. We get called when someone breaks the law. I feel; however, it is important that we are proactive as well. This is about doing the right thing for the community. Emerge is a comprehensive, holistic approach that benefits everyone. I also like that it’s faith-based, as my personal faith has been an anchor in my own life.”  

Despite common belief, Prosecutor Hayes said law enforcement can’t just seize money from anyone. He said there is a legal process by which these funds were determined to have been intended for criminal activities. 

“Greene County is tough on crime,” he said. “The best way to protect the public is to keep these people out of the system. I like that Emerge is doing things to make that happen.” 

During the tour, Hayes spoke with men on site who are entering long-term recovery. 

“What an honor to be selected as a recipient of the Greene County Prosecutor's Office State Law Enforcement Trust Fund,” said Rachel Huffman, CEO at Emerge. “The partnership between recovery and law enforcement is crucial to support the community at large and the ones we serve. Greene County has a strong foundation due to the nature of these types of partnerships. People in recovery want to be in this area because it is supportive and holds people accountable at the same time. We love our people, our roots, and our culture. God continues to provide in many ways, we see this every day and this is what sets us apart.” 

"A majority of the men we are serving in our recovery housing program have been formerly involved in the criminal justice system,” said Elaine Bonner, director of philanthropy at Emerge. “We are grateful to utilize the support from the Law Enforcement Fund to benefit their holistic care, recovery, and re-entry into society.” 

For more information about Emerge or to donate, call Elaine Bonner at Emerge at 937.974.6120 or visit