Native American Chief

The Serpent Mound Star Knowledge Fall Equinox Peace Summit will honor the life of Chief Golden Light Eagle who was a great teacher, wisdom keeper and peace keeper. The outdoor event will offer the chance for visitors to enhance their cosmic connection to their deepest divine self and the universe as they are encouraged to pray for peace and enjoy music, workshops, vendors and presentations.  Members of Chief’s family will be at the event which will also include chanting, drumming, light language transmissions, peace activists and peace ceremonies including an international peace flag ceremony, performance art, presentations by Native American elders and others. The outdoor event will take place on Friday, September 24 from 10AM-midnight, Saturday September 25 from 9:30 AM-midnight and Sunday September 26 from 9AM-6:30PM at Woodland Altars, 33200 SR 41, Peebles, Ohio.  The site is located a short drive from the Serpent Mound. 

The admission is $25 a day or $50 for all three days and there is a suggested love donation of $25 for each of the special workshops.  Presale tickets may be obtained through Eventbrite via the link in the event posting or purchased at the gate.  Full event details can be found at or  Vendor spaces which are 10x10 are available at a cost of $150 by contacting Thomas Johnson at (937) 205-3810 or

Serpent Mound is the only place on earth where a meteor has hit a fault.  Because of the electromagnetic anomalies in the area, it is often a no fly zone except for military aircraft.  Serpent Mound is an internationally known, National Historic Landmark which was built by Ohio’s ancient American Indian peoples.  As an effigy mound, which is in the shape of a snake with a curled tail, scientific testing determined it to be from the year 300 B.C. 

CALENDAR OF EVENTS:  The Serpent Mound Fall Equinox Peace Summit will be take place on Friday September 24-Sunday September 26 at the Woodland Altars in Peebles, Ohio.  The event will feature music, drumming, workshops and presentations by Native American elders, peace activists and others as well as honoring the life of Chief Golden Light Eagle thru ceremonies. The cost is $25 a day or $50 for all three days.  Information about the event and its offerings can be found at: or at