Peaceful scene

At around this time in the universe, we are approaching the end of the Piscean Age and about to enter the Aquarian Age.

The 2000-year Piscean age is characterized by the birth of Christ and the creation of the church. Humans found a deeper connection to the divine and matters of the soul. At the same time, the concepts of heaven and hell, good and evil, sin and sacrifice characterized the prevailing beliefs about reality.

The conflicts on the planet today are countless: nation against nation and brother against brother. Everyone seems to be in opposition to something. It is said that at this time there will be a thousand wars and the tensions will build like a festering boil! That comes as no surprise to anyone, I’m sure. We can all feel and testify to the hostility in the air.

But…the story goes that when the boil bursts, as it must, and all the pus has drained and clear blood is present, that the Age of Aquarius has been born. Out of the chaos and suffering, a thousand years of peace is foretold.

Progress towards an equitable world for ALL BEINGS, not just humans, is inevitable and unstoppable. We will find a way to live and work together with the Earth to create a sustainable future for the 7th generation.

It’s not going to be easy or pretty. Our systems are failing. Certainly our world is in crisis. The climate has passed, or will very soon pass, the tipping point beyond which we cannot stop the accelerating climate collapse. We have more and fiercer natural disasters of all kinds. We’re already losing land on the coasts and whole island nations are at risk of disappearing.

COVID is, I believe, Gaia’s effort to relieve herself from the destruction that humans have wrought on her body: we are literally killing the Earth. This destruction of habitat, ours and everybody else’s, will continue until the political will is there to make the hard choices that would lessen our suffering.

Unfortunately, personal gain trumps collective well-being. While many millions in this country are willing and anxious to make those changes, there is a vocal and aggressive coalition to oppose any moves away from fossil fuels. Their game plan is: burn every last drop of oil and THEN transition to cleaner energy. Thankfully, those alternative energy sources are thriving. We just drove across Kansas and as far as the eye could see were wind turbines. It was a beautiful sight.

Human nature is to nurture. We will survive as a species, I believe, on a more spiritually evolved level. Certainly, Earth will recover form our carelessness. Remember March 2020, when the world sheltered in place and you could see the Taj Mahal without smog around her after a couple of days? Yes indeedy, Mama Earth will be just fine, thank you very much. It is we humans who will suffer and die if we don’t make those hard choices about the future.

It is up to us each of us to decide in our hearts and minds to be better stewards of our beautiful, fragile planet home.