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Two Ohio Republican legislators recently introduced a bill that mandates all medical and mental health care providers, and teachers, disclose if the child they are working with identifies as LGBTQ - or else they’ll be criminalized as felons.

This bill turns care providers into spies, polices LGBTQ youth and puts them into dangerous situations. Suffering from gender dysphoria and seeking help is not a crime!

Sign the petition now to strike down Bill 658 and send a clear message to legislators: Stop targeting transgender youth

Many LGBTQ youth are homeless because of family rejection for their gender identity and sexuality. Transgender youth face added discrimination and violence. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Join us now to annihilate this bill that puts the safety and well-being of LGBTQ youth at risk.

Add your name now to strike down Bill 658 to make it clear that we will never support legislation that endangers transgender youth.

PETITIONING Ohio House of Representatives

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Our Message to Ohio House of Representatives:

Bill 658 criminalizes government agents, including teachers and medical and mental health care providers, making them unable to provide safe care for LGBTQ youth. It directly endangers transgender youth. Strike down the bill now and stop supporting any legislation that targets LGTBQ youth.