Save the Planet

Sunday, May 21 at 2pm on Zoom

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Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive' is an old saw that might well apply to the mess we find ourselves in while trying to deal with climate change. The fossil fuel industries have been masters of deception for decades! That’s why we have organized an online gathering to try and untangle the climate web with strategies and perspectives that are working.

Here's what to expect.

   > The Citizens Climate Lobby report on a poll by the Yale Climate Connections project to discover the attitudes of Americans (and you) to learn about the degree of alarm we experience. It breaks down into Six Americas.

   > Next we will see what might be accomplished technically if we got down to business now! Watch the excellent PBS NOVA program, Chasing Carbon Zero for an up to date report.

  > Kevin Eigel will describe the work he and Marcia Miller are doing with native plants - and more - on their farm in Galloway, OH.

> Finally, we will discuss Chuck Lynd's recent blog post: How Living Simply Addresses the Root Causes of Climate Change.

Check out these resources or just bring your own ideas about how we can create a path forward and transition to a livable future!