People holding Medicare for all signs

Friday, September 10, 3pm
The OSU Chapter of Students for a National Health Program ( presents a Zoom Seminar

Speakers include:

Johnathon Ross MD MPH

Past President, Physicians for a National Health Program (

Matthew Noordsi-Jones MD
Member of the Executive Committee, Single Payer Action Network of Ohio (

Every two years for more than a decade, the Commonwealth Fund has compared the US healthcare system to the other wealthy nations of the world. Once again in 2021, we are worst in performance despite spending twice as much as many of the best performing nations.  How can this be when we have the best hospitals, the best equipment and the best trained physicians and nurses in the world? It’s the system.

Learn how an improved expanded Medicare for All might be a better system with better cost control and performance. Check out the data for yourself at this presentation, then decide if you want to get active with SNaHP or SPANOhio. The lives of our patients depend on it.

Registration is required but open to all at the events page.

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Suggested reading and web sites for attendees and others who want more info includes:

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PERI - Economic Analysis of Medicare for All (

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