Boy doing a jump n a skateboard over a railing

Thursday, June 21 was Go Skate Day, which was changed to Sunday because of rain. Last time I tried to Go Skate during Go Skate Day I manage to manual a curb. A manual is a trick where you ollie up onto a surface and either coast on your back wheels or front wheels.

This year I decided to watch Embassy Boardshop's Go Skateboard Day which was held in at the Dublin Skatepark. Why am I always in Calabasas? Because they didn't fix Dodge when it would've made sense. It's OK. There are some meetings where they are building a new park at Driving Park.

I arrived at Dodge and ran into Shane Mastell who skates with all the dudes from the era Epicly Later'd was spawned from, though he is a little younger. He looked like the late Dylan Reider so we discussed beauty professions.

Skateboarding is one of those things you can't really fake. There many styles but kids know if you're wack. Shane was there because his friend John Simms was one of the judges. Simms is one of the best skaters in the history of Columbus skateboarding. Simms has a new ig (@dudleyclips) that shows footie from 90's skateboarding videos he had at home.

You can watch Chaz McGee at Dodge. Chad Knight in Westerville. And even some Qzar footie for my Bethel Center locs. Currently Dudleyclips is having a manual Contest where the winner receives a $100 gift certificate to Embassy.

The Dublin Skatepark Contest?

The contest itself was refreshing. There was a preliminary men's round before a women's contest.

Often women take the role of skate bettys where they just stand around and watch the men skateboard. If you're a woman who thought skateboarding was something women don't do, you can. Though I didn't skate, if you didn't feel like skating I don't blame you.

Judges Simms, CJ, a Third Grader named Juelz, and Justin Henry came up with:

Women's Finals




I thought a skinny dude in an orange hat named Steve was gonna win; he had a smooth style while utilizing the railing, stairs, hips and ramps. He fell during the final round.

Isaac won the contest by utilizing the whole park including a backside disaster in the bowl. Isaac's efforts earned him a visit to Woodward Skatepark in PA. Other prizes include Vans, Spitfire wheels, Thrashers and Decks from Quasi Skateboards.






Quasi Skateboards are Premiering Their New Video “Mother” at Strongwater July 12th.

Tuesday was Primary Day in NY14

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez pulled an upset over incumbent Democrat Joe Crowley. The 28-year-old Latina utilized social media, took to the streets and hit up Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning. She just seemed like she was of the people.

This is sorta reminiscent of Ada Colau becoming elected Barcelona, Spain’s mayor. The difference between Ada Colau and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is that Cortez worked under the late Senator Ted Kennedy for 10 years and was a Bernie Sanders organizer. Ada Colau was a squatter and won by getting a bunch of squatters on board. Ada won the Barcelona’s mayor's job. Alexandria still needs to defeat her Republican opponent Anthony Pappas.

This reveals the contrast in city vs. rural elections. This probably only matters when engaging with city states in terms of reaching a population for progressives.

Dennis Kucinich didn't do well in Ohio's primaries but that doesn't make him a bad person. Doug Jones' Alabama communication lines are different than someone who is representing New York’s 14th district.

The lesson of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Doug Jones is that people win elections by having ideas that represent an alternative to the complete destruction of humanity. You can't just complain.

I know it's really hard for 40 percent of the voting population to not want to hurt people who can't vote. It's one of those laws of power I hate.

With all of the president's shortcomings I concede that his social media does work with the aid of trolling, and that is an internet literacy. So, if the president is popular with rich white people, what does that have to do with social media? My guess is some rich white people have computers and cruel senses of humor.

Hence, why 2000 children ripped from their parents who can't vote is a calculated risk within the Constitution that protects American citizens. And why in New York people who might have empathy for the 2000 children would be motivated.

People who aren't American citizens can't vote. Especially 2000 children who are separated from their parents. Not only are they not citizens, they aren't 18 years old.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's constituents responded because they could empathize.

Are we approaching a city state era that can ignore the president? Not completely.

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