Snarls band members

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Snarls will play at Ace of Cups on March 6 to celebrate the release of their album Burst. The Columbus band is attracting attention from the blog circuit while preparing to tour.

Snarls’ sound is somewhere between the better riffs of 90's rock with a shoegaze verse chorus combination that gives a strong backing to songs about relationships.

Snarls fits in with bands like Soccer Mommy and Best Coast.

Snarls ages are 18-22. Their age groups indicates Arctic Monkeys instead of Veruca Salt.

Should I call Snarls college rock?

I interviewed Snarls singer/guitarist Chlo White.

The last time Snarls entered a press cycle there was discussion regarding the uncertainty of graduating high school. Do you feel better?

Definitely. Lol.

Do you have advice for teenagers still in high school regarding their next few years?

1. Those who are working, SAVE YOUR MONEY! Why? Just do it.

2. I encourage everyone to look into colleges at least because there's so many different kinds of programs out there, but if you don’t think you want to go, YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Don’t let others pave your path. With that being said, don’t be stubborn either. Hear all sides.

A bulk of the lyrics are heartfelt discussions regarding insecurities in relationships. Are these lyrics from personal relationships?


Is it weird interacting with people you've written songs about?

Just one song actually, but that’s because I made the dumb mistake of telling them it was about them, ha ha. Other than that, I don’t think anyone knows. I like to believe most people are too humble to think I wrote a song about them.

The reverb to bridge to hook transitions in your songs provide a strong enough musical background that I don't feel like I’m some weird rap dude reading a teenager’s diary. Is this songwriting strength from music school? Did they nurture your talents?

 We are totally those people that love our high school. You know those? We’re DEF excused though because ours rocks. Personally, they didn’t only shape my musical/songwriting abilities, but they also brought me out of my shell through constant live musical performance. I know the rest of snarls thinks something similar. I’m still not entirely comfortable on stage because I am an overall anxious person lol, but I’m definitely further along than I would be without that school. And, fun fact, Riley (our bassist) taught me how to sing harmony.

Who were your favorite bands growing up?

I was super into pop/indie. When I was 8 until I was like, 14, I WAS OBSESSED WITH LADY GAGA AND KESHA. I was a full blown scene queen in disguise. Then I got on tumblr, so I quickly came to know bands/artists like Arctic Monkeys, Milky Chance, Alt-J, Florence and the Machine, (Room 93 era) Halsey, the 1975, flor and Echosmith. I think the band’s sound is more reminiscent of my bandmate’s fav bands growing up, lol. There are still definitely hints of pop in our vocals though. (I think we want to exercise our pop muscles a little more on this next record too, but who knows?)

How did Snarls become a band?

It’s started out as just the girls (Riley, Chlo, and Mick). We had a few different band members before we finally had Max drum for us. All of were instantly like “yeah, this is it.”

I think I read your ages are 18-20 years old?

Max:18, Riley:20, Mick:22, Chlo:20.

I've noticed tweets encouraging people to vote.


Is this the first election your voting in?

It’ll be my third. When I turned 18, I was so excited to finally vote.

Is there a political defining event that shaped your views? 

For now, I’m gonna keep this vague but there have been many. I continue to learn every day, so some events end up undermining others in my head. There are so many experiences outside of mine that my views are constantly changing as I try to listen to others and myself.

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