Black and white photo of people holding signs and protesting

Friday, June 9, 10am
Ohio Statehouse
Details for the event:
Organizers will meet early at the Statehouse to prep.
10:00: Meet at the Statehouse steps, west plaza
10-10:15: sign making, distributing
10:15-?: briefing protesters of plan for event actions 
-Kelly Janice: reading a statement from a former 3%er
-Bilal El-Yousseph: speaking on the discrimination Muslims face in the past and the political climate of today
-Other speakers TBD
?- Militia arrives and plan takes effect

On the 9th, the 3%ers are planning a rally to protect American rights. They hide under the guise of men and women that want to protect everyone and their freedoms. If you dig a little deeper into the members, you will see they are nothing but another racist group trying to protect ONLY the rights of themselves and those like them. We must join together and show them that we will not stand for hate in Columbus. Join us to counter the event planned by the alt-right gun-toting 3%ers and their friends. We must disrupt their message by spreading one of our own, standing in solidarity.