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Most Free Press readers are familiar with Ohio House Bill 6, the infamous $1.3 billion electric ratepayer bailout of FirstEnergy’s nukes and coal.  And the bribery and racketeering scam revealed by the FBI last July, implicating FirstEnergy in illegally funneling money to legislators and later into opposition to a signature gathering campaign that would have overturned the bill.

There has been a lot of publicity, anger, and citizen outrage directed at the legislature to repeal House Bill 6 since the scandal broke. Yet the legislature, which took only 96 days to pass the bill, somehow cannot act on repealing House Bill after 145 days—until now.  

The bad news is that the Ohio legislature may pass a FAKE House Bill 6 repeal bill as soon as Dec. 15.  House Bill 798 was just introduced on Dec. 1.  It keeps the nuclear bailout but delays payment to First Energy for one year.  It keeps in place the coal subsidy and the undercutting of renewables and efficiency.  See this linkfor more talking points opposing HB 798. This is essentially a renewal of HB 6 when it has never been repealed.  It has already been heard in both the senate and house committees, and they could hear it again this next week and pass it on to the full Ohio House and Senate. And the legislature could possibly vote on it that same day, Tuesday, Dec. 15 or later on Dec. 22. 

IT IS CRITICAL TO ACT NOW TO STOP HB 798.  This bill could stifle a real repeal bill next year. 

1. Find your senator and representative at http://legislature.ohio.govusing your zipcode.  Call or email them by Monday, Dec. 14.  Tell them NO ON HB 798 and demand a FULL REPEAL OF HB6.

2. Time permitting call or email members of the House Select Committee on Energy Policy and Oversightby Monday, Dec. 14. Tell them NO on HB 798.  (The previous hyperlink with their contact information has recently been down.)

3. Call or email members of the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committeeby Monday, Dec. 14.  Tell them NO on HB 798. Click on their names, not the option to “connect.”   

4.  If you want to send written testimony to the 2 committees:

  • For the House Energy Policy and Oversight Committee, call Rep. Hoops office at (614) 466-3760 and ask for a witness slip.  Email your testimony to EnergyPolicy&  Address your testimony to Chair Hoops, Vice Chair Abrams, Ranking Member Leland and members of the House Energy Policy and Oversight Committee.  Testimony must be sent before 1 pm on Monday, Dec. 14. 
  • For the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee, call Senator Wilson’s office at (614) 466-9737 and ask them to send you a witness slip.  Email your testimony to Senator Wilson’s aide John.Wells@ohiosenate.govThere is as of yet no meeting date set for this committee, but it is likely to be held on a 24-hour notice.