I attended the January 8 debut event of Jay Swifa’s Sound GODZ producer showcase, described as an event “where artists play original beats and grooves.”

Because I’d only heard Jay Swifa’s “Jungle” song and Rashad Thomas’ recent production for CoCity, I wasn’t sure if my expectations for the event were constant with my existence as a hip hop fan.

I arrived to find Columbus producer KMB playing hip hop music from the stage. He wasn’t playing arena dubstep circa 2010. KMB understood that there is something warm and inviting about the nakedness of traditional hip hop beats if they aren’t wack in terms of bad rhythm, clutter or completely lacking understand of key.  KMB beats were slightly upbeat, without getting ahead of themselves. KMB utilized multiple similar subtle sounds that don’t sound cluttered or disjointed.

Swifa was up next. Swift’s beats boomed with bass. soft melodies and charismatic rhythms. Swift’s new song sounded Middle Eastern with a hip hop draw to it.

He welcomed Rashad to the stage. Both still are fresh producers.

Rashad had similar depth of sound, and rhythm structures but Rashad’s melodies had longer soul sweeps that were indicative of the bridge between RZA and Kanye West bound without speeding or pitching them up.

Swift’s melodies were chopped and ambient. Rashad’s production had proper drum kicks, bridges and hooks.

The music was dope.

Is Soundgodz the next Low End Theory? Sometimes you have to appreciate the moment, see if something develops, and be happy music sounded like it was made from people from Columbus, Ohio and didn’t make you feel disgusted.

Sound Godz’s next event is February 12 at Wild Goose Creative. The event features Iyeball who was in Fly Union with Swifa. Other acts are Pin Wheel, Tiger Uppercut and DJ Conn Beats.

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