White woman in Black Lives Matter Tshirt holding a sign that says ICE murders

"No borders! No nations! Stop deportations!" A small but mighty group gathered across the street from the Hotel Leveque to protest Trump's announcement that deportations would be stepped up starting Sunday morning, June 23 in certain major US cities.  The protestors shouted at people coming out of the building that they should not stay in a building in which ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) uses to hold immigrants in cells in that very building.

The activists had written chalk messages against deportations, detention centers and mistreatment of immigrant children on the sidewalk in front of the hotel but were shooed off by the hotel staff. From across the street they chanted, sang, and read the names aloud of the immigrants who had died in U.S. custody or shortly after being in a U.S. detention center. 

Some drivers honked as they passed by and the group was joined by some of the pro-choice ralliers from a statehouse demonstration that had just ended. One anti-abortion counter-protestor also argued with some in the "stop deportations" group. Police were not present. 

Trump has since "postponed" the mass arrests he had scheduled for this week.