You have probably seen her. Jazzmary has opened every mall in the central Ohio area in the last thirty-five years, and has performed her unique piano jazz and vocals in countless venues and festivals. You have probably heard her. Jazzmary has been on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter for over two decades, and you have probably checked her website: Jazzmary has performed at every type of event from intimate house parties on grand pianos, to opening of famous restaurants and fund-raisers, such as Romancing the Grape for Easter Seals. Jazzmary plays fresh and lively entertainment music with a touch of jazz. After graduating from Wittenberg University, Jazzmary has run the choral and music programs at Columbus Public Schools, at Mifflin High School -- which produced a hit record the "M.E. Experience", and at Fort Hayes School of the Performing Arts. She taught world famous bassists from Columbus: Foley, who toured with Miles Davis, and Jay Demarcus of Rascal Flatts. Also, she founded and led a band of nine women in the 1990's called MOXIE, which toured and played extensively in the central Ohio market. She has also performed for Artists in the Schools, spreading the news of women in jazz throughout the metropolitan area, and was awarded Entertainer of the Year by Spotlight Magazine and recognized by HotTimes for her contribution to the jazz culture in Columbus. FP: Put together your fantasy band, dead or alive. One person: Nina Simone. FP: What's the best, most exciting concert, music event you've been to? Too many to mention, many here in Columbus. Buddy Guy at Stash's, Science Gravy Orchestra at Dick's Den, The Wooten Family here in Columbus, Diana Krall at the Ohio Theatre, Stevie Ray Vaughn at Vets, Nina West at AXIS, the list goes on and on. FP: What the best (or most important) thing about the music scene in Columbus? Columbus is a diverse city, and the scenes, if you know where they are, rival any other city in the world. There is literally something going on for everyone. FP: What's the most important issue (political or otherwise) going on in Columbus? For me, it is always getting out the vote. I have been working on that for half a century now and it is now more important than ever because more folks can vote than ever before and we need to exercise our power, or lose it. FP: What's more fun for you - being a jazz performer or a fashion designer? Both music and designing my new clothing line, FLOPZ, is very fulfilling. they are both great, but in two different directions. I have always made my own clothes since high school and I created and put on a whole fashion show while in college. Music just kept creeping up to the top all of those years, so now that I am retired, I can finally devote the time needed to create with cloth. Columbus is a great town for both sewing and singing. Jazzmary is now retired from performing nightly at local venues. She still performs for special occasions, clients, and favorite charities, such as BRAVO. Her next public appearance will be at Krogers Brewers Yard at the grand piano Valentine's Day from 11am to 1pm.

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