All about chemical recycling

Join us in COLUMBUS on Tuesday, July 9!

Where:  Huntington Bank, 17 High Street

Why:  Although not one of the "big 4" dirtiest fossil-fuel-funding banks, Huntington has a particular climate problem here in Ohio: they are funding the toxic, polluting, and unnecessary plastics 'recycling' (ie, incineration) industry - making all of Ohio a climate Sacrifice Zone!

Please come join what promises to be a fun & lively event, meet other Ohio Third Actors, and help get the message to Huntington Bank that Ohioans say: 

  • NO! to their greenwashing
  • NO! to Ohio becoming a climate sacrifice zone to further line corporate pockets, and 
  • YES! to a total pivot to funding for (true!) renewables

This event is a part of Elders Week, a national effort from Climate Defenders, and co-sponsored by Third Act and other organizations.  

Now is the time!! Pressure Huntington to stop funding this Merry-Go-Round