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Costco has a credit card partnership with one of the dirtiest banks in the world, Citibank.  Citi makes a lot of money from its relationship with Costco – and banks care about money.  That's why Costco has the power to either persuade Citi to stop financing fossil fuel expansion or switch to a better credit card company that isn't wrecking the planet.  If Costco threatens to move to a fossil-free credit card provider, Citi can be motivated to clean up its act.

Costco has already made important commitments to having climate-friendly operations, and Costco cares about what its members and potential new shoppers think.  If we come together, we can hold Costco accountable, put pressure on them to drop Citi, and push Citi to stop financing fossil fuels.

Please join with Third Actors across the country and sign this petition.