David Imhotep

Malcolm X said “of all of our studies, history is best qualified to reward all research.”   George Santayana said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  History is knowledge acquired by investigation.  It is the study of the past, particularly how it relates to humans.  History relates to past events as well as the memory, discovery, collection, presentation and interpretation of information about these events.

The Columbus Civilian Community Board understands the importance of history and as a result brought historian Dr. David Imhotep, the author of the “The First Americans Were Africans” to Columbus, Ohio this past August.  The two-day event began on Friday, August 26th with a book signing by Dr. Imhotep at Zawadi Books.  Saturday, August 27th was the lecture held at the Columbus Metropolitan Main Library in the auditorium.  People had to be turned away at the door as the room filled quickly and became standing room only.

Dr. Imhotep presented factual based evidence that Africans were in America at least 56,000 years ago, before the Native Americans.  In fact, Dr. Imhotep presented research evidence that shows the direct link between Africans and Native Americans.  The research presented came from several “creditable scholars, professors and researchers” and Dr. Imhotep presented this information with the use of pictures, maps, and charts that are also in his book.  Dr. Imhotep made it clear that the evidence he presented was not based on his opinion, but on documented evidence, and that some of this evidence has been hidden and kept out of American history books.

What is the significance of knowing this important missing piece of history to the African American? Why is it necessary for this information to be presented?  How will this information help to improve the African American in life?  These are questions that have been asked by, none other than, African Americans (we assume because of their picture which could very well be fake) on the social media sites.

Lets’ start with “history is best qualified to reward all research.”  Knowing that the history of the African American did not begin with slavery in America, as the history books in our educational system teach, would enhance the experience of the student who is required to research and later be tested on the history of America.  For the African American student, the “reward” would be understanding that they are more than descendants of slaves.  For the white or other races of students their “reward” would be the knowledge that the African American students that they sit next to in class are not to be pitied or looked “down upon” because of the period in time when their ancestors were slaves but are to be admired and looked “up to” because of their rich inheritance before slavery in America and the world.

Lets’ end with “to guide our actions.”  Knowing that the true history of African Americans did not begin with slavery in America, as the history books in our educational system teach (yes, I am repeating this statement), would encourage the school educational systems to include this information in their American history curriculum starting at elementary level through high school.  In turn this action would increase the feelings of self-worth, pride, integrity, and understanding of their place in history for the African American student who has to sit each year in class every day during the month of February and “research” how they came from descendants of “slaves” in America.

If we begin to learn our own history in America, and are open to learn about others history in America, without fear that it will somehow diminish “our” history and “place” in America, we will begin to see improvement in America. When Americans are willing to leave the “slave mentality” of there must be a “master” and a “servant” in place, then and only then will the true history of America be revealed.

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