Black people holding a banner that says "Knee for Tyye, Black Kids Matter"

Monday, September 26, 4:30-6:30pm, Columbus City Hall, 90 W. Broad St.

Please, Join us at City Hall to demand Justice For Ty're King and Henry Green and safety for our city's children! 

The killing of children and unsafe conditions for black and brown youth in our city demand URGENT and IMMEDIATE action!!!

We must demand that our city council pass public policy that prioritizes community safety!

On Sept 14, 2016 13 year-old Tyre King, allegedly carrying a toy gun, was fatally shot by a Columbus police officer. 

On Monday June 6th, Henry Green was gunned down by plain clothes officers who, according to witnesses and the surviving victim Christian Rutledge, did not identify themselves nor did they give time for him to respond.

In the wake of these killings, on Monday 9.23, People's Justice Project laid out 5 demands for the City of Columbus: 
1. Turn the “Summer Safety Initiative” over to the community.

2. Move 50% of Columbus' policing budget into prevention, intervention and community controlled policing.

3. Use new funds from the bond package brought in for the police to be put instead towards facilities for trauma recovery and healing services in neighborhoods hardest hit by violence.

4. An agreement to work with us and other stakeholders on developing a reinvestment plan for these funds. We want the majority of the task force appointed by the community.

5. We do not trust the police to investigate themselves. We want independent investigations and transparent prosecution for Henry Green, Ty’re King, and all future police involved shootings.
We told city council to be prepared to give us answers at the next city council meeting. 

We are calling on Columbus to show up 500 STRONG as city council responds to community demands. 

IF they agree to implement our demands, we push on. 

IF the DO NOT agree to implement our demands, we will DISRUPT the meeting. 


We must force our city officials to act with urgency!

We are calling on 500 people to turn out and show their support. Join us in front of City hall on Monday @4:30.