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This week we are calling the following Ohio House Energy and Natural Resource Committee, Ohio Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Members. Please help us track the number of phone calls being made by responding with the word “Done” to when you have completed your calls.

Call House Energy and Natural Resource Committee member Denson, (614) 466-1308 (Vote No on HB282), then Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee member Maharath (614) 466-8064 (Vote No on SB171)


“Hi, my name is _________ and I live in __________, Ohio. I am calling to ask Representative/Senator ________ to oppose HB 282/SB171 the radioactive brine as a commodity bill. I am deeply concerned about the spreading of this highly radioactive waste in Ohio communities. HB 282/SB171 would allow anyone, anywhere to spread this substance for dust or ice control. The Ohio Turnpike and Department of Transportation will no longer use it, the Ohio Department of Health has not studied the long-term effects and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said that the bill is not protective of public health or the environment.

Please tell Representative/Senator ________ to oppose this legislation. We need him/her to be a strong opponent of HB282/SB171 and stand to protect Ohioans’ health and safety. The health and safety of our communities and our children are more important than one individual's profit.

MAKE A BIGGER IMPACT: Contact your Ohio State House Member and Senator each week. Click this link and fill out the “Who Represents Me?” box to find your elected officials and their contact information.

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