Tyler the Creator

First things first.

This was my first show since quarantine. 

Last time I was watching someone rap live, Organized Konfusion’s “Extinction Agenda” was a Hip Hop classic. Organized Konfusion wasn’t a soundtrack for 2021 because of COVID.

I breezed through the Schottenstein Center at 1pm. There was a line.

I went home because Schottenstein Center website said the first act wasn’t performing until 7pm. 

I was imagining teenagers having parents drop them off earlier. 

Rationale was: 

They haven’t attended very many shows. 

Fans didn’t want to miss anything.

 Why wouldn’t you make a day of it?

Akin to bachelorette’s events, Schottenstein Center Shows are probably really big events in someone’s year.

Someone works all year, attends school , and a favorite group is finally rocking Columbus.

Or in similar to where I was coming from….

Tyler’s show was the first show where someone could rap, and make songs corresponding with

The fact our country was finally recovering from a COVID. 

I want to have fun.

Walking past a group of people waiting for a show to start six hours from now could ruin a critic’s snark.

The other side: A critic could act a consumer reporter if an artist didn’t respect their fans’ experiences.

Between COVID, and other turmoils…you just want everyone who like their favorite groups to have fun for once. It would be extremely difficult to clown anything which would make someone smile.

I went home. I took a nap. 

I woke up. I grabbed the number 1. 

One stop…I was at Schottenstein Center after passing the Jack Nicholas Museum sign.

I walked into Schottenstein Center excited to watch a concert for the first time since George Floyd, COVID, and the Capital riots.

It was fitting Tyler, the Creator was my first post-COVID concert.

The first time I heard of Tyler, the Creator was from a tremendous word of mouth generated about a rap group who was involved with L.A.’s DIY Smell scene which was known for Best Coast, Sick Alps and Wavves while Adult Swim’s affiliations were getting some Wu-tang energy.

The last time I heard of Tyler, the Creator and Smell. I was looking at Tyler’s website where he was selling French Waltz, a new cologne.

I start every new year looking for Wu Wear. 

French Waltz appears boutique, should you want to buy me a Christmas present.

In the music new year, it was French Waltz’s creator, Tyler.

Somewhere in between:

  • I found out Tyler, the Creator lived in Sac-town, California while gestating. 
  • Watched Jimmy Fallon with that Native Tongues Band + the dude who crooned on the Blakroc song Vista.
  • Watched Odd Future at the Newport.
  • Grammys and number one albums.
  • Tyler, the Creator was spotted with Franz Lyons of Turnstile.
  • Recently wondered if it was appropriate to feel really pleased Tyler, the Creator won a BET Image award.
  • Reading Charles Baudelaire.

I didn’t tell anyone or write a blog regarding Tyler’s recent BET oratory.

Tyler, The Creator’s newest album Sir Baudelaire had me reading French writer Charles Baudelaire.

Please name the last time rap music made you find a writer!

Near the beginning of Tyler, the Creator’s Schottenstein Show Sunday night, Tyler yelled, “Y’all ready” and a Prince Paul/RZA influenced beat played.

Schottenstein’s crowd erupted as Tyler rapped about rocking arenas.

Watching Schottenstein Center responding to a lyricist, who was rapping really proficiently with an annunciation, rhyme patterns, raw lyrics, and an understanding of delivery was a moment of: All is functional as I have ever understood Hip Hop.

Clipse meets PRZM.

Tyler had entered the stage in a Rolls Royce which lifted to reveal the rapper looking like Slick Rock meets Dynasty Era-Roc A Fella garb.

Tyler rapped with elegance, the words from his Sir Baudelaire namesake song over a Roy sounding beat with DJ Drama ad-libs which rendered it age-appropriate for Tyler..

Charles Baudelaire wrote erotic verses, criticisms, and essays. 

I had forgotten I spent a month riding the bus to the library, and eating at La Chatelaine because of a Hip Hop reference.

He doesn’t really talk about sex in songs like Massa which made wonder which of my relatives showed him my Christmas Cards. He performed “Massa” later which, if you’re ever annoyed with how stupid things can devolve…. 

Realize this song was sung along with in an arena.

Respect yourself.

At the Schott, Tyler chatted after a few songs to make sure Schottenstein Center was immediately rewarded for choosing Tyler’s concert.

He informed the Schottenstein Center that he had slept at someone’s house who had animals which irritated his breathing. 

Tyler said his dilemma: Chicago and Milwaukee was fun but mellow. 

Tyler was hoping Columbus was mellow but the energy he was receiving from Columbus was so intense that he was gonna have to navigate asthma while reciprocating Columbus’ rowdiness.

Tyler jumped on a boat which took him to a stage on the other side of Schottenstein Center while crooning Wusyaname with everyone.

This stage earlier was used as Vince Staple’s venue which bestowed overlaps between some Autechre and 2022 West-Coast Funk with some NO ID songs sprinkled in.

Vince Staples turned into an opulent smoldering pyramid with lighting and blue smoke machines.

Tyler stepped off his boat into a stage which which was covered with grass.

Tyler had the crowd sing songs from Flower Boy and his newest album, Call Me If You Get Lost.

Tyler’s latest release went gold last week.  

After using the sing-a-longs to catch is breath. Tyler queried if he could perform some old stuff. The crowd yelled names from Odd Future’s first releases.

A college freshman in a tennis skirt demanded Odd Toddlers.

Tyler launched in Yonkers.  The crowd went nuts. I was thinking it was interesting that something I perceived as Tyler’s biggest record was now something in the middle of a set.

There were so many women in attendance that I kinda thought it was societally important Tyler didn’t stick with an image of shocking raps for his career.

Writing songs about realistic romantic fantasies with melodies which are still jovial with the moniker of a French erotic poet Is something we can live with.

Kali Uchs had performed earlier.  

It was interesting to watch women respond positively with a woman singing while in a various sexual positions surrounded by intellectual dancers in minimalist costumes.

Teezo Touchdown was funny in an Adult Swim manner. Tyler and Vince amongst the better new generation of rappers. Kali Uchs added a feel of female sexual energy which women liked which I realized I was truly experiencing an arena Bill T. Jones production.

I started thinking University dance Academia’s greatest societal benefit was tastefully inserting sexuality into in music videos.

Prior I just thought it was refinement for smart girls who were too smart to do anything of tangible value.

Unless society fulfilling my ideal of shallow intellectual sapiosexualism is important.

I overlapped this thought with Tyler’s use of Charles Baudelaire, melody, and romantic subjects.

Even amongst songs where discussing the love/hate conflict in a relationship….there is a humanity which render it less imposing or hopefully doesn’t feel misogynistic.

People understand being conflicted with a person.

Women as a gender aren’t Tyler’s enemy.

I’ve alway known women to like Tyler.

I feel like his evolution to Sir Baudelaire maintained his relationship with female fans.

While I can’t speak for women. There were a lot of women at this show.

Tyler took the boat back to stage while performing songs which made people dance.

Once he took the stage with the Rolls Royce, our Schottenstein Center started chanting Tyler. 

He stopped them. He was like “I know my name.”

Tyler continued rapping. He rapped songs from Cherry Bomb. 

He told the crowd the next song was pure noise and apologized to someone. He stomped his feet repeatedly then launched into New Magic Wand which sounded like a really technical industrial metal song. Tyler rapped quickly and with clarity over the chaotic track.

Schottenstein was at a climax which left the crowd felling satisfied.

Tyler left the stage. The light’s turned on…

We all felt like we received a sophisticated performance in a University arena even though it felt like a basement hip hop show, and club rap performance at the beginning.