Two-day event to talk unexplained sightings, strange phenomena in the shadow of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Cows being beamed up to a spaceship

Two-day event to talk unexplained sightings, strange phenomena in the shadow of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

The UFO Heritage Team

What does our government know about UFOs? What does the evidence say about why they are here? And, ultimately, are we alone in the universe?

Many Ohioans may scoff, but what can’t be denied is the Buckeye State’s intriguing history regarding UFOs. Consider the UFO flap that swept Ohio in 1973 during Halloween, or how UFOs have often been reported near the state’s Native American Earthworks.  

In February 2023 the subject of UFOs was thrust into the headlines with reports regarding strange objects being shot down over the United States and Canada. Equally unsettling is how US Air Force pilots have witnessed UFOs off both coasts on near daily basis.

Skeptics and true believers alike are invited to gather for a conference on May 4-5, 2023, at the historic Hope Hotel at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to discuss the evidence surrounding the UFO phenomena, and what it might mean for the future of humanity.

The two-day “Ohio UFO Heritage Conference” will feature presentations, film screenings and Q&A sessions with internationally recognized experts. Tickets are $250 for the entire event ($35 for a livestream) and can be purchased at

The location – known as Ohio’s Area 51 – was chosen to call attention to the long history of UFOs in connection to the U.S. military as well highlight the unique contributions made by the members of our military, past and present, according to Kelly Chase, a UFO researcher and the conference’s media consultant.

“From being the host to the Air Force’s early intelligence investigations into UFOs under Project Blue Book, to serving as the repository of the alleged Roswell crash materials, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has long been at the center of both UFO history and lore,” Chase said.

“It is our sincere hope that the conversations that start here – in the shadow of the fabled U.S. Air Force base that represents what very well may be ground zero for our understanding of the phenomenon – will play a role in changing our understanding of the cosmos and our place within it,” she added.

Sharing the most up-to-date and cutting-edge research and thinking on the phenomenon are filmmaker James Fox (Moment of Contact), religious studies professor Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka (UNC-Wilmington), journalist Bryce Zabel (Need to Know Podcast), biological anthropologist Dr. Michael P. Masters (Montana Technological University), writer and researcher Micah Hanks (The Debrief), researcher and experiencer Darren King, aka ExoAcademian (Point of Convergence Podcast), artist and researcher Jay Christopher King (The Experiencer Group), and author and podcaster Kelly Chase (the UFO Rabbit Hole Podcast).

The “Ohio UFO Heritage Conference” comes in the midst of a stunning series of events that have unfolded in the past five years. In 2017, the Pentagon admitted to a secret program that had been studying UFOs – which it calls Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAP – acknowledging that such craft were real and could not be explained. From there, a growing tide of voices have called for increased government transparency around this phenomenon resulting in the release of the first confirmed videos of UFOs, the first Congressional UFO hearings in over 50 years, and new legislation aimed at providing both resources and oversight for the further investigation of the phenomenon.

Conference organizer Jon Horvath hopes the conference becomes an annual event, and that it puts Wright-Patterson and the greater Fairborn area on the map as a destination for those curious about UFOs. He hopes attendees come with critical, yet open minds.

About UFO Heritage:

Founded in 2022 by Jon Horvath, a former Marine, and Bill Cacciolfi, former Air Force, UFO Heritage is an LLC focused on organizing an annual conference and festival on the UFO Phenomenon in coordination with regional relationships such as the Fairborn Chamber of Commerce. The name highlights Ohio’s long history in connection with aviation and space. In addition to being the birthplace of the Wright Brothers, Ohio claims 23 native-born astronauts – more than any other state.