Lots of police cars

Twenty-two police cars and a helicopter converge at State and Fourth Streets in response to a minor traffic accident involving a car driven by an elderly man and a protester on a bike. According to an eyewitness, the matter was resolved by protesters before police arrived. (9 pm, 6/11/2020)

I witnessed 22 police cars and one helicoptered converge on downtown Columbus when an elderly black man's car's brakes failed and he hit a white woman protester on a bicycle and the protesters were yelling at him. She wasn't hurt,  or at least got up and no ambulance came.    Why was a group of protesters even at State and 4th Streets at 9pm, to be hit by an elderly driver? The unaffiliated group pictured in the middle of High Street at 7pm had marched around town as they have been doing each evening, unmolested by police but followed by a helicopter, a hands-off policing policy apparently adopted to allow protesters to blow off steam after business hours.    At 9pm they were returning to the Statehouse. Possibly the helicopter summoned the police in response to conflict after car met bike, but this amazing display of bravado (20-some police cars tearing down North High from north of the Statehouse en masse, sirens blaring and lit up like Christmas trees) proved unnecessary.  According to eyewitnesses, the cyclist had ridden away and the incident had been resolved by the protesters by the time the police arrived at the scene. So, under-policing and over-policing convergence! Your tax dollars at work!    
An unaffiliated group of protestors at the Ohio Statehouse take to the streets. According to a participant, they gather each night at 6 pm, and then march in the middle of the streets to different neighborhoods to spread their messages and encourage participation, without interference by police. Note Statehouse reflected in windows behind them. (7pm, 6/11/2020)