Monday, March 11, 2024

Facebook event

For the 13th year in a row,
we will be protesting nuclear power by boycotting grid supplied electricity. This is a direct action you take in your own home. Join thousands of others around the world in conserving electricity for the 24 hours of March 11, in remembrance of the victims of Fukushima, past, present, and future and to protest the continued use of nukes.

There are four levels of participation:

1) Basic Conservation. Just make a conscious effort to turn off extra lights, turn the heat down a degree or two and reduce your screen time. Since nuclear power now produces less than 10% of the world's electricity, this level alone is enough to eliminate the need for nukes completely.

2) Severe Conservation. Only use electricity for absolute essentials like heating or refrigeration. Turn off all your screens, lights, and entertainment for the day. This demonstrates how little power we actually need to survive.

3) Disconnect Frm the Grid. Don't attempt use this level unless you have backup for essentials like sump pumps, freezers, and furnaces.

4) Generate Clean Power. At this level, households put more electricity back onto the grid using wind and solar power than they take off. Ultimately, this is the level we should all strive for.