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People say to me, write some damn previews. Spread the word. These are music events that Columbus will be hosting in the next month.

The Game

Xclusive Elite

October 31st


  The Game just dropped the Documentary 2 and The Documentary 2.5 for the 10 Year history of his classic album the documentary. The Game is known to be hyper-referential in his lyrics.

  Well,the Documentary 2 both shows that  1) Game has personal history that can be -self-referenced and 2) also takes routes into 91-96 East Coast Hip Hop in addition to Game’s usual Dr. Dre’s cultural impact in the flesh existence.
   “The Documentary 2” allows a slew of guests like Diddy, Kanye, Will-Iam, Dre, Kendrick Lamar and others to present a history of “Hip Hop” through a Compton lens, then and now.

  I’m sure someone who is friends with Pac stacked to Showbiz & AG’s “Soul-Clap”  while watching Juice and knew that Digable Planets used the same sample.
  It also seems most people that 50 Cent have beefed with decided to

feature on the Game’s latest release.


Ace of Cups

November 11


 Windhand is a Richmond, Virginia psych doom band that I guess you would put somewhere between Pentagram and Om with a female vocalist named Dorthia Cottrell. Their latest album, “Grief Infernal Anger” is one of those albums where you’re somehow content listening to a song that is 15 minutes long named after Greek Mythologic terms whose wiki is too boring to read like “Hesperus.” Just when you question the necessity of listening to another 10-15 minute song, Windhand hits you with a folk-ballad that revels both Cottrell's vocal range, and depth of song-writing.

  She isn’t singing “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” during or anything but it all works in the meditation.

Slim Jesus


November 13th


  Slim Jesus existing is a huge testament to Chief Keef’s development into a futuristic, anti-hero. For those who are not familiar, Slim Jesus is a skinny white kid from Hamilton, Ohio who makes drill music which is a Chiraq form of rap that is known for aggression but leaning more near Chicago’s “808 and Heartbreaks” auto-tune side because consistent death is pretty sad.

  Chief Keef recently has had a series of hologram concerts shut down by the authorities out of fear, similar to a villain in a Batman Movie.  

  Chief Keef does make music with comedian Andy Milanokis so one would hope that Slim Jesus has 12 million views on you-tube is a goofy cultural prank.

  They did meet at one of Chief Keef’s hologram shows, however Keef said he was just being polite. Which is funny in itself.

  I assume this means Chief Keef or Slim Jesus are Banksy.

Pale Angels


November 29th


  Pale Angels album “Imaginary People” starts off with a song called, “Lapin, Lapin” that sounds like a horrid, skewed mess of meager open guitar strumming and out of tune Creed meets the Weakerthans whining.

  Fortunately, “I’m Nobody” inserts uptempo garage glangy-ness which thankfully continues until “Schizophrenic Affair” lives up to it’s name without the dmt. It sounds like Alice in Chains performing a Sunn-O cover.

  Pale Angels previous return to form with the rest of the album.

  I’m in no way saying this band sucks or you should skip this performance.

  Vacation and the Nervosas are on this show that are two localish musical ensembles who have released two of the better punk records in the past 90 days.

  So it’s worth going.


Windhand will perform November 11 at Ace of Cups

Photo courtesy of Windhand


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