Ohio Statehouse

From the Sierra Club
The House began committee hearings on HB6 repeal legislation last week in the newly created Select Committee on Energy Policy and Oversight. The committee heard sponsor testimony on both the primarily Democratic bill (HB738) and the GOP bill (HB746). Chairman Hoops had the sponsors of the bills provide testimony together and answer questions together since the bills do the same thing and I think highlights the bipartisan support for repeal. 
Note that between the two bills, there are 58 cosponsors out of a 99 person body. Here's Plain Dealer's story on the hearing Plain Dealer: Ohio House Bill 6 legislative opponents make case for repeal.
Chairman Hoops indicated there will be a hearing with PUCO and PJM both invited to testify. Neither Chairman Hoops in the House nor Senate Energy and Public Utilities Chair Wilson have given specifics on timeline or guidelines around public testimony on the repeal bills. As many will recall, last year's HB6 hearings featured hundreds of witnesses testifying for days in packed committee rooms, something that is just not safe right now during the pandemic.  

ASKS/ACTIONS: First, if you haven't already, please use this AddUp page to send an email to your State Rep. Senator, and Gov DeWine. We'll be sending an update and new action alert hopefully next week but this is the best one to use right now. 
Second, make a call to your State Senator using this number: 1-855-980-2397 OR text HB6 to 69866. We've connected at least 163 calls using this hotline already and while that's a great start, we need to massively increase that number. Third, 
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, we need to engage House Reps and Senators on social media!  Use this spreadsheet to make calls and social media posts to the the legislators that supported HB6 but have not signed on to a repeal bill. Please also use the #RepealHB6 hashtag so others can find and amplify your actions: