Red square with white words at top Rapid Resist Rally if Mueller or Rosenstein is fired and below a circle with white at top and black letters saying Bicentennial Park and black bottom saying Date/time TBD
Updated Information fot Date And Time TBA depending on Timing of Mueller or Rostenstein Firing. National Call To Action - Rapid Response Coordinated by Indivisible   Facebook Event   If Trump fires Mueller prior to 2 p.m. Eastern, rallies will occur at 5 p.m. local time that day; If Trump fires Mueller after 2 p.m. Eastern Time, rallies will occur at Noon local time the following day. The DATE ON THE EVENT IS JUST A PLACEHOLDER.    We want to be ready to take the streets to demand that Congress respond quickly and forcefully – to protect our democracy and justice system. #NotAboveTheLaw    Attendees will be expected to comply with Indivisible guidelines for rallies: No guns, No violence, No flag burning. Thank you in advancing for respecting those guidelines if you choose to participate!     Please mark that you are "Going" to this new event so you can be kept informed about any changes or updates in plans.    New location:  Bicentennial Park, 233 S. Civic Center Drive, Columbus 43215