Thursday, February29, 7-8:30pm
Karl Road Library, 5590 Karl Rd. Conference Room 2
If anyone lives around the Columbus, Ohio area, we have been trying to form a local chapter of Veterans for Peace. So far, it has been only minimally successful. But it has only been three months. Our hope is to grow enough to need someone to take minutes, maybe a secretary, and a treasurer. Perhaps Co-Chairs, if people think that would be a good idea. We hope you can come to our next meeting.

After this next meeting on the 29th, we are thinking about having it in a quite bar or coffee shop or restaurant. Please let us know by e-mail) rwilhelm2@att.netor at the meeting if you have any ideas about where that should be. In a time where Veteran hard earned tax dollars are going to what could be described as a genocide in Gaza, it is very important, to say the least, that people know there is a large contingent of Veterans who have served their country that don't believe in many of the foreign interventions done in our names. As I am sure you all agree, we need more compassion, and far less hypocrisy, in our foreign policy.

Peace to you all, in solidarity.