The Ipps were nice enough to have the Columbus Free Press debut their video for “You Need To Bleed” off their new record Everything Is Real which was released on Spencer Morgan’s SuperDreamer Records.

The clip itself is a bleached-out, psychedelic colorful foray in bubbly liquids that resembles a 70’s PBS Science show if the science show was an art show instead.

If the clip reminds you of the Times New Viking/Columbus Discount Records-era of Columbus,Ohio music that is because the Ipps are made up of 3 members of Necropolis (Emily Davis, Bo Davis, Matt Bisaro.)

The other member is Michael O’Shaughnessy who played in another CDR band: El Jesus De Magico.

Obviously the song references the controversial medical practice of Bloodletting.

Bloodletting was a common practice in Ancient Greek, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilizations as way to combat mental illness, and early, primitive cases of the gout and it also treated addiction to free-basing child semen by pedophiliac philosophers looking to feel like Zeus. It continued on as early bering strait between haircuts and body-modification implemented by barbers who cut hair next to the Talmud. Bloodletting sort of faded away because people were bleeding to death but did have some appearances on some versions of the Oregon Trail game on the first computer to end dysentery.

The New York Times discussed the return of Bloodletting in 1982.

The L.A. Times again suggested Bloodletting may return again in 2001.

I am not sure if bloodletting is good or bad for the ebola virus.

Obviously, the Ipps are suggesting bloodletting as more of a human purging than actually soliciting a need to spill hemoglobin. It would be lazy music writing to compare bloodletting to the Ipps form of art-tinged punk that was championed by the blog systems 8 years ago and even MTV and then was no longer a trend.

But that would be bullshit giving the sustainability of this form of Columbus music for itself. If you have job you can make any type of music you like word to Ron House.

This is grown people doing what they want.

Upon listening to “Everything is Real” one will definitely realize the music is still vibrant to the artist.

“Everything is Real” starts off with “Dig Yr. Brain” which begins with a drumbeat and then goes into layers of guitars and vocals, “I know that there is nothing left of my mind/that you can find/but you can dig/you can dig,” After a bit of this bleak romantic plea, the song rounds out with a bit of crunch.

Which leads into a anthem about staying awake called “Don’t Fall Asleep” which has a bit of the Vaselines in the vocal harmonization.

Side 1 leads into a full uptempo onslaught with “Body of Venus(With Arms)”, “Bring It ALL Down, Bury The Devil” before settling into the clamoring guitars of “H8 Yrself” which pleads, “Why Can’t You Hate Yourself/When It doesn’t Affect Any One Self” and rounds out with “Yr. Thick.”

Side 2. starts with “Return To The Tape-deck” which resembles early Necropolis.

This leads “U Need to Bleed” in which you can take this moment to listen to again from the above video. After that is “Creeping Deth” which is not a thrash song about a pharaoh coming to kill people’s firstborn lads. But instead it’s slower song augmented by a drum kick that has fuzzy guitars that build-up but it mostly stays bleak.

“Grave Mistake” is more upbeat and makes commentary about people living lives like a piece of trash and making errors on thinking they relate to each other.

The album end with “Goawa” which starts off with a guitar dirge that blasts upward into full-on white noise eventually.

If you watch the video then you will probably know if you like this album or nah.