Chihuahua puppies

“Waiting is full.” That’s what my husband Eric says: waiting is full, of whatever you do with that time. It could be irritation, anxiety or anger or it could be meditation, for example.

We are all in a waiting game here. Waiting to see what’s going to happen next. Hour by hour things are changing and evolving, the outcome uncertain.

Not only are we waiting, we are being asked/ordered to do it inside, away form others, to “shelter in place.” We’re told to stay home, keep a safe distance from others. For most of us, our jobs are on hold or worse, gone! For most that is a very scary thing. So, there’s fear in the waiting.

But you know what else there is in there? So much love! It’s everywhere from the balconies of Italy to our own communities. People are loving on each other via social media, on TV and by reaching out to friends and family. Through podcasts and reporting from their living rooms, talk show hosts and reporters are letting us into their homes like family. It’s personal. Because we ARE all in this together. all humans are susceptible to this bug.

I see this as a re-set button on life as we know it. It’s a Paradigm Shift: one day the world was one way and the very next day, it was a totally different reality. And we’re ALL sharing this experience. Together.

“IMAGINE all the people living life as one.” John Lennon gave us this image and now it seems to be our reality. A reminder that all of us humans are the same biologically. And COVID19 doesn’t discriminate based on race, religion, political affiliation or bank balance. It’s leveled the playing field. This is our opportunity to create a more equitable economic and health care system in this country. I think that’s one silver lining of this crisis. Another is how it is bringing out the best in most of us. Love is in the air. And thank god it’s Spring!

Someone asked me how to "Be Here Now" when we don’t like what’s happening here and now. Well the first answer that popped into my head (my Angels) was this:

Distract Yourself. Change your focus of here and now. If the current drama and stress around COVID19 isn’t making you happy, change your focus. Don’t look over there. Watch puppy videos. (Now you know, they make everyone smile.) Do a project, learn a skill, hone a skill, practice yoga, taichi, boxing, dancing, singing, etc. Read a book, cook, watch TV. Catch up on your sleep. I’m sure you can think of lots of ways to distract yourself while “sheltering in place.” One of my favorite distractions has been talking to friends on the phone, rather than a texting. I’ve had more phone conversations in the last week than in the last year! We can’t hug one another but we can laugh and cry together, none the less.

Here’s another thought: if you’ve been laid off, instead of focusing on that loss, you might use this time to fantasize, dream and create, in your mind, the ideal job that you’d want after this passes,  and it WILL pass. Remember, “Your life is not your master, it is your child.” Even though so much is out of your control just now, we can all still decide where to put our focus and energy. It’s ALWAYS your choice as to what you fill waiting with. I hope you find what you need.

For me, I want to soak up all the love that’s in the air. I’m a weepy mess these days: the acts of love and kindness in the world fill my heart and leak out as tears. I don’t want people to be fearful, but instead to enjoy this forced “COVID-CATION ( a term coined by my BFF Tim). Because, there’s really nothing else we can do: we’re waiting for this to pass. So, change your focus to what makes you happy, what fills YOUR heart. And remember, you are not alone; we are ALL in this together.

We’ve got this!

Puppy videos anyone?