David Swanson and Mark Stansbery

The January 2023 Free Press Salon was held over Zoom on January 14th. This is what happened.  

Link to salon video

Mark Stansbery, Free Press Board member, started out the November salon by introducing Pat Marida of the Ohio Nuclear Free Nework. She updated us on Ohio's ongoing contamination from the nuclear industrial complex and new discoveries of civilian housing contamination. The slideshow can be seen here. The surrounding area of the nuclear plants in southern Ohio have caused the Pike County cancer mortality to go from 12 percent below the U.S. to 32.8 percent above. The overall Pike County death rate ages 0-74 is nearly double that of the U.S. Videos about the issue here.

Next was the keynote speaker, peace activist and journalist David Swanson of RootsAction and WorldBeyondWar about his new book, on the subject of the Monroe Doctrine, that forbids European powers from colonizing the Western hemisphere -- and what to replace it with. He will present it at a conference in Cuba this month.

In this video recording of a webinar from January 14, 2023, David Swanson discussed his forthcoming book The Monroe Doctrine at 200 and What to Replace it With. See the 26:24 point in the video.

The Monroe Doctrine was and is a justification for actions, some good, some indifferent, but the overwhelming bulk reprehensible. The Monroe Doctrine remains in place, both explicitly and dressed up in novel language. Additional doctrines have been built on its foundations. This book looks at the creation, evolution, and use of the Monroe Doctrine over the years since 1823 and proposes a radically different approach for the U.S. government to take with Latin America and the world.   

Upcoming big anti-war demo in DC in February.

Tekla Taylor-Lagway spoke about prisoner Willie Lagway’s upcoming parole hearing. Sign the petition. The deadline is – right away! If you want to mail an actual letter to the Parole Board, here is their address:

Parole Board
Attn: Parole Hearing. Lagway, Letter of Support
4545 Fisher Rd., Suite D
Columbus, OH 43228

Email Tekla for talking points: teklatl@gmail.com

Mary Jane Borden updated us on Ohio Marihuana Legalization efforts. She recently wrote her 100th article for the Free Press.

Other announcements:
Simply Living is participating in a program around the film The Territory. Here is the film info and for more info check out Simply Living, too.

Join in March 11 for Unplug Nuclear Power Day by boycotting grid power for 24 hours.

WCRS 98.3 community radio is being kicked off their current tower land, and have found a new spot for the tower. But maintenance, rent, logistics, and labor for the move cost a lot. 98.3 GoFundMe Fundraiser.

Bob Fitrakis announced the sad news that Cliff Arnebeck has passed away. Read his memorial article here.

Send your activist events for the Free Press calendar to Bob Roehm at this email address: bobroehm@gmail.com.