People on strike
29 August 2022

Now that Columbus City Schools (CCS) teachers are back in schools, they have a simple request of Superintendent Dr. Talisa Dixon and her allies on the Board: "Please come to my school, a football game, an orchestra concert, and get to...

09 August 2022

A resource you can use for talking points, conversations and letters to your legislators.

Sources are linked.

The War on Drugs, and in particular the war on cannabis, must be the most ill-conceived public policies ever...

Teachers protesting
30 July 2022

"Developers get handouts, kids get sold out!" rang out from the crowd gathered in front of the office of the Board of Education for Columbus Public Schools on Wednesday evening, July 27.

Members of the Columbus Education...

Guy working on a laptop at home
14 July 2022

The monumental battle over remote work in Columbus and elsewhere is heating up this summer as more traditionalist business leaders are demanding that their employees come to the office much or all of the time. Google maps workers, asked...

Details about event
08 July 2022
In cannabis culture, 4/20 reigns supreme as the “highest” holiday. But 7/10 has taken shape in recent years as another key day on the...
05 July 2022

Lost in the aftermath of American Electric Power’s decision to cut power to tens-of-thousands is the lingering whispers amongst some weather experts that Columbus may have witnessed its hottest moment in its history during the afternoon...


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