22 June 2024

On Sullivant Avenue, the block begins at Columbian and pretty much ends at Hague. If you don’t know what the block is, you might be better off. If you do know the block, you likely have an opinion of it. If you’re reading this article (...

Two buildings
10 June 2024

After a conversation with the Columbus Landmarks Foundation, the Free Press can report that City representatives working on the “Zone In” project had limited contact with the region’s foremost preservation effort as they...

Protesters at the Ohio Statehouse
01 June 2024

A group of consumers and environmental and democracy organizations held a press conference at the Thomas Worthington Center on May 29 to demand that Ohio Attorney General David Yost dissolve FirstEnergy Corporation for its central role...

Lake with a peninsula and trees
23 May 2024

On a recent warm evening at the Runaway Bay apartment complex in Grandview, a middle-aged woman in a rowboat was chased by a gaggle of white swans, geese, mallards and who knows what else. They pursued her over the quarry’s still waters...

20 May 2024

We’ve reached a turning point in the legal efforts by the Ohio History Connection to reclaim the Newark Octagon for the public. The trial to determine the...

13 May 2024
So Soon We Forget

I offer these thoughts because I'm told by many that people, especially young folks, have little to no memory or knowledge of these essential learnings from Chernobyl and Fukushima.  Understanding these...


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