A hand drawing a chart
17 January 2020

Before the committee members, volunteers, and organizers begin to hit the doors, we should look at a little bit of what I call “organizing math.” Yes, I know saying the word, “math,” is a trigger alert for many would be activists and...

Herbalistes logo
02 January 2020

Herbalists Without Borders Central Ohio (HWBCO) is a chapter of the international organization, Herbalists Without Borders and has a lot of ambitions for 2020, and it all builds on what we have created in the last two...

Marijuana leaf
01 January 2020

Consensus seems to hold that 2019 was a mixed bag: ground-breaking, positive change countered by frustration, gloom and doom, all peppered with more than a little bizarre. Let’s take a look:

The Awesome


Padlocks floating in cyberspace
19 December 2019

Does your city council, state legislator, or even your senator have an understanding of cybersecurity? What about all the people who work for them?

There’s a chance that the people running your local, state, and even federal...

Info about Kwanzaa event
08 December 2019

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, we now enter the finish line with the month of December. In the month of December, you see it all. Deck The Halls With Boughs of Holly. Jingle Bells. The barrage of Christmas-themed...

Presents and herbs
06 December 2019

The holidays are filled with the spirit of giving, often with the intention of bringing joy to loved ones. The aroma of cinnamon, clove and holiday spices are fragrant reminders of the pivotal way that herbs have implanted themselves...


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