Lots of diverse people sitting at tables in a big room
14 July 2018

When one thinks of communities that are facing the problem of white privilege head on, Bexley Ohio is probably not high on the list. With their racial demographics showing 88% white, compared to the national average of 61%, dialogues...

Person in a dental chair and a dentist to the left working on them and a woman to the right, both with mask and gloves on
11 July 2018

A former star athlete at Columbus East High School, Steve McClure didn't give much thought to his diet. “I weighed 239 pounds,” he said, “I wasn't eating right...a lot of fried foods...”  A diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes served...

Colorful drawing of mother hugging child and father holding up a baby surrounded by flowers and the words No More Deportations Abolish ICE
03 July 2018

There is a sanctuary as resistance movement across the continental United States, in Ohio and in Columbus. According to the newly emerging, Columbus Sanctuary Collective, this resistance will only Soon to be announced, a second church...

People marching and one closeup of a picket sign reading Worker Rights are Human Rights
27 June 2018

Today an anti-worker majority of justices on the United States Supreme Court struck down 40 years of precedent permitting public sector unions to collect a fair share fee from workers who receive the benefits of collective bargaining...

People on both sides of a street protesting each other
16 June 2018

A hundred or more Columbus people stood in a single file line in front of the Omar Ibn El-Khattab Mosque to protect it from a few dozen protestors -- presumably the "God Hates Fags" folks that arrive in the city every year to preach...

Blue background with partial photo of small child holding a glass of water and words Safe water for our kids, Columbus no place for Frack Waste
11 June 2018

Drink Water? Breathe air? Depend on safe soil? Then this urgent message is for you.

Central Ohioans have less than a month to protect our water, air and soil from the fracking waste passing through our watershed. According to...


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