A flag hanging sideways and a silhouette of a man behind the red stripes as if they are bars and the words Prison Reform at the bottom
31 January 2018

Do some people deserve to be locked in cages? According to the Ohio Organizing Collaborative the answer is yes. Their multi-million dollar “Neighborhood Safety, Drug Treatment, and Rehabilitation Amendment” ballot initiative, or NSDTRA...

A beige background shaped like the state of Ohio and the words Frack Free Ohio in Red white and blue
29 January 2018

Background: Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation is a petroleum, natural gas, and natural gas liquids exploration and production company based in Houston, Texas. Cabot is interested in drilling exploratory horizontal hydraulic wells in...

Large white SUV with Police in letters on the side and lights on top
04 January 2018

As I write this article, the total number of homicides in Columbus has reached a record breaking number of 140, breaking the previously held record of 139 in 1991. The latest victims range in age from 37 to 57 years old.  Columbus is...

People outside holding a long white banner with black letters saying We remember the victims...But not with more killing and www.abolition.org and a phone number
06 December 2017

November 15 ended up being the third time since 1946 that an execution in the US was left unfinished. A “failed” execution. Not “...

Words in black Bob Bites Back
31 October 2017

Just prior to Hitler-inspired neo-Nazis and their white supremacist allies descending on Charlottesville, Virginia in August, the FBI began characterizing the Black Lives Matter movement as “Black-identity extremists.” As best...

Man with brown hair sticking out from a red baseball cap and goatee wearing a black T-shirt
04 October 2017

Frank Martin stood in front of his Standing Rock middle school students on the morning of April 1, 2016 with an announcement that none of them expected. The predominantly Native American students were surprised to hear...


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