Red and blue picture of woman wearing head scarf against background with words terror, attack, etc.
18 August 2017

Human history is peppered with dreadful accounts of minority communities who were deliberately demonized before atrocities were committed against them. Though the global Muslim community is not under a clear and present danger, dark...

Word "racism" in a "No" symbol, a red circle with a line through it
13 August 2017

The Franklin County Green Party unequivocally condemns the attack on anti-racist and anti-fascist protesters yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia and are saddened by the death and injuries. The Green Party is an anti-racist...

Pictures of a bag of health sugar and certified organic food against a bright colorful tie-dyed background
04 August 2017

What to buy

Buy Fair Trade Items

The term “Fair Trade” may conjure up a variety of images in the minds of consumers today: “hipsters” sipping on special coffee, higher priced sections of...

Mushroom cloud in a circle
01 August 2017

Nuclear News: One good, two bad -- Take Action Now

Good News: Historic Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons Adopted at United Nations

The United Nations Draft Treaty on the Prohibition of...

Big blue arrow head pointing right with black words on top Defend our future
16 July 2017

Columbus residents alongside leaders of local public health departments urged the continuation of federal, state and local programs to protect and defend the health of everyday Ohioans.



Young black girl with thirty-something white woman with brown hair and sunglasses on her head
13 July 2017

Heightened Urgency Seen in Wake of Paris Climate Retreat & EPA Rule Rollbacks; “Family Friendly” Protest to Feature News Event and Speeches from Bipartisan Line-up of U.S. Senators and Representatives...


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