Chicken face staring in the camera
12 September 2018

A picture of his penis from the White House. Sex toys, $2,200 worth, delivered to his office where he had sex with a secretary. Taking high school coaches to strip clubs. Oh, and let’s not forget the victim. Zach Smith’s ex-wife,...

Black and white photo of black man in muslim outfit, glasses and a beard
20 August 2018

On Tuesday, August 14, Imam Hasan went before the Serious Misconduct Panel (SMP) for allegedly leading a riot, workstoppage, and other unauthorized business through the phones.

As he expected, the fix was in at the SMP and he was...

People protesting outside with sign saying Israel stop the killing, negotiate
07 August 2018

It is said in China, that a popular curse is to tell a person “may you live in interesting times.” Given the history of the world for roughly the past few centuries, mankind appears to be, not merely cursed, but damned. And in our...

A wrecked up burning building book cover with words Black Boys Burning
23 July 2018

I know that there as many tales of the atrocities committed by whites against African Americans in the United States as there are stars in the sky, but discovering this particular story blew me away.  The fire at the Boys Industrial...

Lots of diverse people sitting at tables in a big room
14 July 2018

When one thinks of communities that are facing the problem of white privilege head on, Bexley Ohio is probably not high on the list. With their racial demographics showing 88% white, compared to the national average of 61%, dialogues...

Person in a dental chair and a dentist to the left working on them and a woman to the right, both with mask and gloves on
11 July 2018

A former star athlete at Columbus East High School, Steve McClure didn't give much thought to his diet. “I weighed 239 pounds,” he said, “I wasn't eating right...a lot of fried foods...”  A diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes served...


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