Words in black Bob Bites Back
31 October 2017

Just prior to Hitler-inspired neo-Nazis and their white supremacist allies descending on Charlottesville, Virginia in August, the FBI began characterizing the Black Lives Matter movement as “Black-identity extremists.” As best...

Man with brown hair sticking out from a red baseball cap and goatee wearing a black T-shirt
04 October 2017

Frank Martin stood in front of his Standing Rock middle school students on the morning of April 1, 2016 with an announcement that none of them expected. The predominantly Native American students were surprised to hear...

Black silhouette of a head facing right with white puzzle pieces flying out of his head against a blue background
03 October 2017

In case you missed it on Dr. Oz, the cure for Alzheimer’s (and quite possibly other types of cognitive decline) has arrived, only it’s not so much a pill or even an immunotherapy as it is a wholesale lifestyle change. Think clean eating...

A pile of colorful and different sized pills
31 August 2017

A conference in Quebec gave me an excuse to escape to our northern border and French Canada for a little summer break. (Part 2 of “Pain” is in the hopper, and we’ll have it for you in October or November issue.) It was the fifth year...

Young white people holding a sign saying Wake Up Columbus kneeling on ground and as part of a rally with lots of people behind them one with a sign saying Knee for Tyre
31 August 2017

The Columbus police fear the local chapter of Showing Up For Racial Justice Columbus, or SURJ Columbus. Three undercover officers were witnessed at the group’s August 19th Standing in Solidarity with Charlottesville event held at City...

Red and blue picture of woman wearing head scarf against background with words terror, attack, etc.
18 August 2017

Human history is peppered with dreadful accounts of minority communities who were deliberately demonized before atrocities were committed against them. Though the global Muslim community is not under a clear and present danger, dark...


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