Six white men posing in a line with musical instruments
22 August 2018

On Saturday September 9th, join Will Strickler and his six-piece band Waves de Ache as they present a concert dedicated to the music of Latin Jazz legend saxophonist/composer Paquito D’Rivera at Copious Notes in downtown...

Concentric circles of blue, red, yellow and orange like a sun in the middle of a darker blue background and the word Terrestrials
09 August 2018

In the first Star Trek movie, 1979’s unimaginatively-titled Star Trek: The Motion Picture, there is a scene where the USS Enterprise gets sucked into a wormhole. This spatial anomaly wreaks havoc on time (or something) so...

Big concrete structure with roundedness to the buildings and one big triangular side
01 August 2018

It’s a hot day in July and I’m driving into Cleveland, Ohio. I’ll be staying at some nameless and faceless motel in the big-box suburbs, out there with the Home Depots and Olive Gardens. It reminds me of an old song by The Beautiful...

White man at a microphone belting out a song wearing a dark suit and shirt unbuttoned with a guitar strapped around him
30 July 2018

I'm a little bored with American movies lately so I've decided to go the foreign films route. Barely knowing my Bertolucci from Benigni and my Kurosawa from my Kawasaki, I've decided to just start with the letter A.

Thus from the...

Drawing of headphones with the state of Ohio made out of little red and black squares in between the sides of the headphones and the words
25 July 2018

Discover music from some of Central Ohio’s best indie artists through Listen Columbus, a free local music streaming service available 24/7 to anyone with an Internet connection. The Upper Arlington Public Library offers this service at...

Young white woman lounging backwards in a chair against a yellow background
16 July 2018

Riveting newcomer Lauren Sanderson has announced summer U.S. headlining dates, aptly dubbed the Trust The Universe Tour, her first major trek since signing with Epic Records this past spring. The live run kicks...


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