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07 October 2021

Back in the old days, a proto-version of the Black River’s described themselves as something called “Electric Americana.” I don’t know if they are still...

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13 October 2020

The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved. So sayeth the book of Jeremiah, and this time I might even believe it. The...

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20 April 2020

As this lockdown drags on, excitement is at a premium. Foghat’s “Slow Ride,” once just a guilty pleasure, has now become a breakfast...

A Gibson guitar
05 March 2020

In August of 2011, the usually boring world of guitar production was jolted by the arrival of federal agents at three Gibson guitar facilities in Tennessee...

Woman singing at a mic
03 February 2020

There are two ways to watch a show at the Shrunken Head Rock 'n Roll Club. The first is grabbing some dinner with some friends and heading over just in time...

Guy in Cowboy hat playing a guitar
31 December 2019

It’s late December, and I’m standing at the Dick’s Den bar with my brother Charlie a little after six o’clock. We’re here to play the Phil Ochs Tribute Show...