Hilary cartoon
29 April 2016

At this delicate moment in the primary season, we all need to take a deep breath and evaluate what comes next.

Bernie Sanders has a mathematical chance to win. But Hillary seems the likely Democratic nominee.

Donald Trump...

Upside down flag
23 April 2016

Congressional Briefing April 21, 2016: "How Voter Suppression Efforts Are Threatening Our Democracy"

"It is democracy time!" were words that led into this historic congressional briefing, "How Voter Suppression...

Vote sign
31 March 2016

Disturbing signs of the time-tested “Strip and Flip” strategy for stealing elections have already surfaced in 2016. Will they ultimately decide the outcome, as they have in too many recent elections?

The core approach is to STRIP...

Photo of Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman
04 August 2015
Progressive Radio Network's Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Show   Three solid hours on election theft and what to do it before the GOP steals another one in 2016:  ...
24 June 2015

The way our electoral process now stands, electronic voting machines guarantee a Republican victory in 2016.
   No matter what she does, Hillary Clinton—-or any other Democratic nominee—- cannot be elected without a fundamental...

16 April 2015

Columbus elector Jonathan C. Beard today filed an elections Complaint seeking to end false campaign statements  being made by Columbus mayoral candidate Andrew Ginther and his surrogates.  My Complaint, filed with the Ohio Elections...


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