Sunday, June 26, 1:50-2:45pm, Goodale Park, 120 W. Goodale St.

Join Ohio’s statewide abortion fund for an “Abortion Story Speak Out!” On Sunday, June 26, Women Have Options Ohio will hold a workshop at ComFest, 1:50-2:45pm, in the Peace and Healing Pavilion.

One of the most powerful ways to drive home the importance of our work at Women Have Options Ohio, and to ground ourselves in the real impact it has, is through an “Abortion Story Speak Out.”

Join us to break the silence and stigma surrounding abortion and to illustrate the harm caused by new abortion bans.

Accessibility notes:

1. We will ensure that ASL interpretation will be available for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing friends. Feel free to shoot us an email to reserve seats near the interpreter.

2. Seating will be available but may be limited. Reach out if you need reserved seats.

3. ComFest does include accessible parking on-site, but that parking may fill up quickly the day of. These spaces will be marked and located around the edges of the park.

4. Because the “Speak Out” is to be hosted in a festival environment, there will likely be many sounds, scents, etc., that may overwhelm folks with sensory support needs. Women Have Options Ohio certainly cannot control all factors involved, but our staff are more than happy to provide supports for neurodivergent folks as much as we can. You can reach out online or in-person if you anticipate needing support for this event.

5. The festival is located outdoors, but we still highly encourage folks to wear masks! Many of our staff are disabled, and we want to ensure we’re all doing our part to protect one another. If you aren’t feeling well, please stay home! There will always be more events, and the health of you and the community come first.

If you have any other accessibility requests for the “Speak Out,” please reach out by message or email [<>].

See the ComFest event page (The Community Festival) or their website [] for additional information on the weekend-long event.

Hosted by Women Have Options Ohio.


Sunday, June 26, 2022 - 1:45pm


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