Wednesday, August 10, 4-5pm, this on-line event requires advance registration

OutCare’s LGBTQ+ healthcare cultural competency training is designed to improve knowledge, skills, strategies, and competence regarding LGBTQ+ care, performance in interprofessional practice, and patient-level outcomes and is geared toward any healthcare professional or ancillary staff. It is critical that positive rapport and trust exists between patients and providers. This workshop provides knowledge on how to communicate with and care for LGBTQ+ patients with increased sensitivity and cultural competence by addressing practice gaps, identifying current needs, and supplementing providers with up-to-date education.

Each training is led by an OutCare certified educator and features an interactive question-and-answer period. All trained providers will receive OutCare’s certification of cultural competency. OutCare certified providers will receive an OutList upgrade which boosts listings to the top in search results.

Registration fee: $40.00.

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Hosted by OutCare Health.


Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - 4:00pm

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