Wednesday, July 10, 12noon-1pm, The Ellis, 777 N. Fourth St.; this event will also be live-streamed on YouTube

A proposed major overhaul of Columbus’ 70-year-old zoning code will bring big changes to Columbus. If passed, the new code will dramatically reshape parts of the city by unlocking current density and height restrictions, allow more mixed-use developments, and much more. Proponents argue a zoning code overhaul is critical to help Columbus fix its worsening housing crisis, while opponents worry that the proposal could bring about a loss of control over new development in established neighborhoods, or even the loss of historic buildings. The proposed overhaul could allow for 88,000 new housing units along key city corridors, impacting 12,300 parcels. The proposal is currently in a 60-day public review period, with Columbus City Council’s final vote on the proposed changes coming this summer. Draft plans would allow much taller buildings and denser housing along major streets including Broad Street, High Street, and Cleveland Avenue, plus an elimination of parking requirements. While some welcome the increased housing options, others are concerned about potential changes to neighborhood character. With a panel bringing multiple voices to the table, we unpack the way this summer’s proposed zoning overhaul could reshape Columbus.

Featuring Rob Dorans, President Pro Tem, Columbus City Council; Leah Evans, President and CEO, Homeport; Rebecca Kemper, CEO, Columbus Landmarks; Kathy Green, Vice-Chair and Zoning Committee Chair, Columbus Southside Area Commission; with Moderator Mark Ferenchik, News Director, WOSU Public Media.

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Hosted by Columbus Metropolitan Club.


Wednesday, July 10, 2024 - 12:00pm

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