Sunday, February 23, 2-7pm, Summit on 16th United Methodist Church, 82 E. 16th Ave.; and then outside of the YMCA shelter, 40 W. Long St.

We’ll be cooking to share a meal outside of the downtown YMCA shelter again. Bring whatever vegan(ish) food you can find, or just bring yourself to help prepare the meal, or just come over for conversation and company. New people are always welcome! The “Facebook address” on this event is where the cooking itself will occur. We’re test-running a new cooking location that is a bit bigger and is wheelchair-accessible.

We’ll gather our resources by 2pm and start prepping a meal to serve, We should be done cooking by 5pm and then we’ll go to the YMCA at 40 W. Long St. and then we’ll set up (hopefully by 5:15-5:30pm) a community picnic for those in need. The picnic usually lasts only an hour or ’til we’re out of food. Come help (learn) to cook or come help with the serve; just let us know that you are actually coming.

All are welcome to come with; we should be able to find you a ride if needed.

Hosted by Columbus Food Not Bombs.


Sunday, February 23, 2020 - 2:00pm

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